This center is located at 6 km from Kuala Terengganu. The center offers tourists a vareity of Malaysian's handicraft and also the way of craft making. Some of the items which is can found here are batik, songket, bags and wallets made by the pandans leaves, vases, and mats, hats, baskets.


There are two types of Batik, its called block and canting. The method of block tin strips, copper or brass are using for fashioned into design forms and attached to hand blolck. The designs of wax are imprinted on fabric using the blocks. The second method is called as canting. This method is a free hand drawing of designs using wax cup. But end of the product is bit diffrent. Soft and gentle, it is very pleasing to the eyes. In batik painting colored flora motifs


Kain Songket is the brocade of Malay's traditional design. It is The clothing of royalty, ceremony, occasions where social and official significance is held, and Malay brides and grooms at their wedding. There are using gold and silver threads,woven into the dyed silk.


most of baskets are made from strong rattan which is take from forest were once gathered for a various of items ranging from the baskets.

Mat weaving

Pandan and mengkuyang are the main two materials for mat weaving. While mengkuang are the standard and better then pandan leaf. Pandan mats are from mengkuang through its smaller strips.