The destination for nature lovers and the adventurous, Pasir Raja is blessed with clear, fresh air, countless wildlife, flora and fauna rapids and a waterfalls. This place is a perfect setting for jungle trekking and relaxing. Sungai Ceralak has two waterfalls. The first named as Jeram Solo, its about 12m high with 250sqr of pool in area. The second waterfalls at 24m with a190sqr a pool. Its known as Jeram Padang. The area has some old trees, plants and various species of colorful wild flowers. Lata Tembakah is another area which offers nature activities for an active mind and healty body. The sprawling is blessed with beautiful seven-tiered cascading waterfalls with highest point reaching 50m. The park is a for those who are health conscious and love adventure such as swimming, jungle trekking. The Besut hot spring with water temperature ranging from 45-49 degrees celcius. is called as LA Hot Spring. The water contains natural sulfur.