* The Bidayuh are the largest enthnic group in Sarawak.

* The Penan are some of the world's last hunter- gatherers

        People are in Sarawak is more than 30 enthnic groups living together, including 21 native groups, Malays and Chinese. The people are very friendly. English is widely spoken although the national langguage is Malay. Individual groups have reatined their culture, observing traditional customs on a day-to-day. Most visitors to Sarawak, able to visit the area of Bidayuh or Iban longhouse close in Kuching and also the visitors can overnight stay. Depeding on the long houses, they arrange some entertaiment for the tourist, or the tourist just enjoy a relaxed look around the longhouse compound in the night time, a chat and a shared meal with the people. Most of them are farmers. They selling their vegetables and jungle fruits at Sunday Market in town.
* Distending the ear lobes with brass weights used to be a common practice * For 19th century adventurers, the forests of Borneo proved irresistible