Nature Wonders


* The Niah Caves contain prehistoric remains dating back 40,000 years.

* Borneo is home tomany different species of bat.

* The rhinoceros hornbill is the state symbol.

* A Goliath among flowers, the refflesia has a bloom one metre across

      Sarawak has 11 national park throughout the state. Bako the oldest National Park, is also the closest to Kuching and easiest to get to. Residents included the monkey the famous beared pig, silver leaf monkeys and long- tailed macaques. The park also showcase a variety of vegetation found in Borneo. For a glimpse of the world's largest flower the one metre wide, Refflesia. It is two hour journey from Kuching, Gunung Gading is 4,106 hectares of rugged mountain scenery with a series of beautiful waterfalls.

Half an hour's trip form Kuching is the Semeggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, it is temporary home for various endangared species of Sarawak. Here, the orang utans are trained to return to their natural habitat eventually living an independent life in the wild. Those wild tool old to be trained are kept in the center. Niah and Gunung Mulu National Parks in Northwest Sarawak are perhaps the best known in Sarawak with their spectactular limestone cave formations.