Sabah Borneo's Paradise

The country where the attractive are as varied as they are excitingly fresh and unspoilt... uncrowed beaches, isolated tropical islands, fasciting culture colorful and beautiful marine life, spectacular countryside domenated by mountain Kinabalu, the highest in South East Asia, and where the genuine friendliness and hospitality of the people are part of their traditional.

Sabah's State Park are a naturalist's paradise with their unique flora and fauna. Sabah also has the largest orang utan sanctuary. Those who feel adventurous, can go for jungle trekking, visit a longhouse and be intrigued by the traditional lifestyle, exploer caves, experince rafting, go mountaineering, or drive and discover exciting and colorful marine life. Sabah will surely you with someone unique and unspoilt character- truly Borneo's paradise.

Sabah occupies the top portion of the island Borneo, the third largest in the world and covers an area of 74,500 sq km with a coastline of abouit 1,440km washed by the South China Sea on the West and Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea on the East. As a general guide the wet season falls betweenNovember and February. Fortunately, Sabah does not experince any natural disaster. In fact it is under the typhoon belt, thus the name "Land Below The Wind" and is free from any climatic disturbances.