Places Of Interest


Penang Museum and Art Gallery, Lebuh Farquhar

Built in 1821, the Museum houses a fine collection of old photographs, maps, charts, and other historical relics. There are also Malay daggers(Keris), Chinese furniture, embroidery and paintings of old Penang. The Art Gallery on the first floor displays the works of local artists and is the venue for special exhibitions. The statue of Captain Francis Light graces the grounds in front of the building.


Sri Mariamman Temple, Lebuh Queen

The temple, built in 1883, features fascinating sculptures of gods and goddesses over its main entrance and on its facade. Housed within its ornately decoratedinterior is priceless statue of Lord Subramaniam embellished with gold, silver, diamonds and emeralds. The statue figures prominently in the annual Thaipusam festival when it is borne on a silver chariot through the city streets to the temple at Jalan Waterfall.


Kapitan Keling Mosque, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

Named after the Indian Muslim merchant, the "Kapitan Keling" Caudeer Mohudeen who built it in the early 19th century. It features an ocher yellow facade and dome-shaped minaret reflecting Moorish Islamic influence.


Acheen Street Mosque, Lebuh Acheen

Also known as Masjid Melayu, the mosque was built on land donated by Syed Sheriff Tengku Syed Hussain Aidid who came from Acheh in Sumatera. The 1820 mosque features a small window halfway up the minerat which is said to have originally been hole made by cannonball fired during the 1867 triad riots.

St George's Church, Lebuh Farquhar

It's built in 1818, it is one of the oldest landmarks in the city. The entrance of this stately Anglican Church named after the patron saint of England, features a memorial canopy dedicated to Captain Francis Light.

Khoo Kongsi, Lebuh Cannon

The forefathers of the Khoo family who emigrated from South China built it is a clan-house for members of the Khoo family. It was burnt down in 1894 and some believed that is was due to its resemblance to the Emperor's palace. A scaled down version was later built in 1902. The building features a magnificient hall embellished with intricate carvings and richly ornameted beams of the finest wood bearing the mark of master craftmen from China.


Clock Tower, Pesara King Edward

Towering 60 feet high, the clock tower was presented to Penang by local millionaire Cheah Chen Eok in 1897 to commemorate the Diamond Jubliee of Queen Victoria.

Kek Lok Si Temple, Air Itam

One of the famous Buddist Temple in South East Asia, the Kek Lok Si temple is the oldest and stands strongly on a hill in Air Itam. It is surrounding by mountains. This temple culminates with the beautifully crafted "Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas". It features gardens, a turtle pond, shrines, beautiful sculptures and it's a very peaceful area to relax your mind.





Botanical Gardens

First place in Penang which is offer peace and tranquility amidst lush green surroundings, tropical plants and vibrant colors of Penang's flora is BOTANICAL GARDENS.


Foresty Museum, Teluk Bahang.

This Forest Museum is located at Teluk Bahang. It's located within the 100- hecture. Forest Recreation Park,the park was built using forest produce and various species of woods. Houses a collection of forest produce from all everthe country.



Bukit Bendera

Malaysia's first hill station, is located in Penang. This Penang hill is 830 meters above sea level, visitors can go to the top by hiking up. They also provide, funicular railway which has been operational since 1922 to visitors. It's makes easier and apart from the cool, refreshing climate and the fantastic view at the summit, visitors can also view the picturesque bunglows, a beatiful flower garden and a bird park around the area.

There are bunglows for rent and a hotel for those who want to stay for more than a day. Visitors can also indulge in refreshments and snacks at a convenient tea located on top of the hill. There a is good walking track up the hill. It takes 4 hours to reach the top and is recommended only for the more energetic.






Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (KOMTAR), its a prominent Penang Landmark. This compleks, full with houses Goverment departments, departments store, commercial offices, conferences hall, shop and restaurants. The 64- story compleks also contains theateres, tennis court which is serves a multi-porpose hall with complete facilities.

Bukit Jambul Hibiscus & Orchid Garden

The Bukit Jambul Hibiscus & Orchid Garden are located along the Persiaran Bukit Jambul. There are variety of colorful and different familys of the orchid & hibiscus. The Orchid family has variety fascinating flower in the plant kingdom. Orchid grow in almost every habitat, from the subterranean in which orchid grow completely, underground, to mountain cloud forest. The most preferred region of torchid are the warmer area of the globe, like Malaysia.




Penang's Famous Beaches

Penang's Nothern side is popular for beach side. It's a beatifull location with golden sand and with blue sea. The Batu Ferringhi, Teluk Bahang beaches are offer the expensive stretches of glittering sand. Along this Famous costline that resorts are in international standard, which offering a host of water-based recreational facilities. The Pasir Panjang Beach at the south-western tip of the island is a good clean for swimming.