Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is the most popular island getaway in Perak. Pangor welcomes its visitors with a beautiful and serene atmosphere, golden beaches and crystalline blue water coupled with cool and refreshing breezes.

Pangkor island is located 90 kilometres south-west of Ipoh City, it takes 40 minutes to reach by ferry from Lumut. it is mainly populated by fisherfolk who make fishing settlements along the coast especially on the eastern side. This is probably because it faces the town of lumut and teluk Batik. Their catch usually will be comprised of anchovies and cuttle-fish.

The many modern facilities make Pangkor a getaway heaven. Various sea and water-sport activities are available here including, scuba diving, wind surfing and snorkelling. Anglers can also try ther hands at fishing.

Some of the main tourist attractions at the Island are

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