Lumut is the departure point from the mainland for those who wish to visit Pangkor Island. It is located about 84 kilometres south of Ipoh City. mainly a fishing village, Lumut is well known for its beautiful shell and coral handicraft.

At about 6.5 kilometres away lies Teluk Batik, with its stretches of sandy white beaches presents itself as an ideal place for campers and picnickers. Sun lovers and swimmers are also attracted to this little spot of paradise.

The annual Pesta Laut Lumut ( Lumut Sea Festival ) is held here in August. This festival attracts thousands of visitors and tourists. Among the activities of the festival are water-sport compertitions, cultural shows, fun fairs and food fairs for all to enjoy. To find out the actual date of the festival, please contact and check with the Perak Tourist Information Centre.

Accommodation from rooms to chalets can be arranged at bargain prices. Contact the Teluk Batik Chalets for reservations and more information. Tel - 6(05)-6835554

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