Places of Interest


State Museum

The State Museum located at along Jalan Labu, within grounds of the Cultural Handicraft Complex. State Museum is a most famous place for those who are history lovers. It is an old wooden palce which has seen greater days of royal splendor at its old site at Kampung Ampang Tinggi.


Seremban Lake Gardens

The Seremban Lake Gardens is one of the most peaceful gardens in the state. Its lush greenery and a delight to the tired eye. Beside the garden there has a river. There are jogging tracks in the garden for the active visitors while children can play in the playground.


State Library

This building located in the of the Seremban Lake Gardens. This state library is used to be the state Secretariat Building. It's built in 1912 by B.P. Habback of Britain. There has veriety of book in all basic langguages.


Sri Menanti Palace

One of the old palace, in state is Sri Menanti Palace. Is rich of malay 's traditional live style.It's built at the turn of this century to replace an older palace which was burnt down, this unique palace has now became a tourist attraction after it was turn into a ROYAL MUSEUM in 1992


Ulu Bendul Receational Park

Ulu Bendul receation Park is situated at 16km from Seremban The Park is one of the six recreational park in Negeri Sembilan developed for ecotourism.


Fort Lukut

Located at 30km from Seremban , Located about few kilometersfrom Seremban - Port Dickson trunk road, Fort Lukut was built by Raja Jumaat to provide a safe haven during more turbulent times in the state's history.


Fort Kempas

About 23km from Port Dickson, lies the grave of a leading historical place. Keramat Ujong Pasir, Ulama Sheikh Ahmad Makhtum. Beside his grave are the famous stone incriptions or " batu bersurat" which depict his struggle and history.


Tanjong Tuan

Tanjong Tuan located at near by the Blue Lagoon, formerly known as Cape Rachado. For its lighthouse many years ago on a hillock overlooking the Straits of Melaka. Tourist able to see the Port Dickson town and the borderline of the Sumatra across the Straits of Melaka from this point