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Kuala Kedah


Balai Besar

The cool clean waterfrom its numorous water falls runningthrough well- preserved forests is truly a gift of God. Among the many beautiful places are Bukit Hijau in Baling. Peranginan Lata Mengkuang in Sik, Batu Hampar and Seri Perigi in Yan, Puncak Janing in Padang Terap, Bukit Wang, Jitra in Kubang Pasu and Air Terjun Jurjun in Kulim.






For those who prefer to laze under the sun, go swimming or relax on the beach,the outlying beaches of Kedah aand Langkawi are inviting them. There are four beach sites you can visit ; Pantai Merdeka, Pantai Beras Basah, Pantai Tengah and Pantai Chenang.










Balai Nobat






A panoromic view of the Kedah coastline from Gunung Jerai




Sunset at Langkawi.





For the true diving enthusiast, the beach of PulauPaya. Which is far and rather fromthe main island. Where the water is clear most of the year. Here fishes of many shapes and colors.


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