18-10-1999 New Sections Activated

We have a few of the new Virtual Showroom sections up and running. Feel free to browse around and check out our latest prices. The sections that are active are the Budget Series, Mid-End Series, Performance Series and CPU Prices.

Though the Branded PC section is not active yet, we have updated it with another brand "MyPC". When it is activated, the Branded section should contain offerings from Acer, Compaq and MyPC.

We also have to make an addenum. The CPU section will currently only contain prices for Intel Processors. For AMD K6-2 and K6-III prices please visit the Budget Series section. We do not have any Athlons for sale at this moment but you can be sure that when we do have them, they will be HOT!

Since the site is not fully ready, please direct all enquiries to sales@rakyat1.com

15-10-1999 WebSite Re-organization

Due to recent events within the PC market, we had to review our site's contents. Therefore we oppologize to those who have tried to access this site within the past 2 weeks. We have re-organized the site and split it down into more sections. Each catering for the different users from budget conscious to the power hungry. We also have a seperate section just for CPUs, where you get the latest updated and most competitive prices, only from KAR.

Our Virtual Showroom is now consist of five segments providing PCs, peripherals and components

  • Budget Series
Providing the most cost effective solutions to own a multimedia PC.
  • Mid-End Series
KAR's mid-end series, a perfect blend between price and performance.
  • Performance Series
Come here to get the most high end products and create your ultimate PC Rig.
  • Branded Products
Brand Name PCs currently available models from Acer and Compaq.
  • Processors (CPU)
Special Section catered only for processors, get the best prices here.

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