Unprecedented Raw Power. Our Performace product line will bring you only the top quality, top class range of PC peripherals. Built up your own Gaming Rig, Server Performance Multimedia Machine or get our own custom built KAR performace PCs that is equipt with the latest technologies to boost audio, video and bring you a new Internet Experience. Intel Pentium III processors coupled with oodles of RAM, 3D graphics and sound, adream come true for all power hungry PC enthusiasts. Just have a look at our Specs to judge for youselves or drop on over to our Peripheral section to get your own fix.

  1. PCs - Drool over the configuration and get blown away with the performance. - COMING SOON!

  2. Peripherals - Only the best quality products are available here. Get these upgrades to your KAR Performace PC and make your friends envy.

If you are looking for the best and lastest prices for Intel Processors. Come over to our CPU section. Here we provide warehouse prices for all Intel Celeron, Pentium III and Pentium IIIB Processors.

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