Johor is a land of numerous tourist attractions. It boasts of many beautiful offshore islands, mystic jungle parks, lovely white sandy beaches, magnificent historical sites and fascinating places to visit.

Johor is presently ranked third in tourist destinations to Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The principal mode of entry Johor Bahru is via the causeway from Singapore.Estimates made by the State Tourism Department indicate that the number of arrivals (tourists and excursionists) from Singapore totalled 9.8 million in 1992. The prime reason was shopping.
Cultural Heritage Tourism is taking on a new significance in the Tourism agenda. The culture infrastructure is being upgraded and new art and cultural centres are being currently developed. Further, there is distinctive gastronomic heritage in Johor which comprises a variety of Malay, Japanese, Arab, Bugis, chinese, Indian and European dishes.

There is also great potential in Johor for eco-tourism, agro-tourism and sports-tourism. Johor is endowed with a rich natural heritage. The Endau-Rompin Park-one of the world's oldest tropical rain forests- offers great natural beauty for the adventurous traveller. Further, Johor's beautiful and natural forest parks can also be developed into centres for eco-tourism.
Johor also has more than thirty beautiful and unspoilt off-shore islands. The islands off Mersing alone saw more than 163,000 visitors last year and possess some of the most beautiful assemblage of coral reefs in the world. Its oil palm, rubber as well as fruit tree plantations provide the state with a great potential to tap rubber, pluck fruits from the fruit plantations or observe workers harvesting oil palm fruits.

Johor's Places of Interest and Historical Landmarks